Supporting your responsible investment objectives


Regnan’s advisory service is designed to help clients advance responsible investment objectives, no matter how far along they are in their development and implementation of strategy.


We build on our 15+ years of experience in ESG research and corporate engagement services to a variety of institutional investors, including fund managers, asset owners and banks. Recognising that each organisation has unique needs, we can help clarify what they are and work with clients to identify how best to meet them. We understand that the manner in which responsible investment approaches serve organisations varies with their circumstances, so we tailor solutions in line with clients’ level of ambition and resourcing.


We have successfully helped clients ranging from a two person investment firm wishing to develop their first ESG framework, through to a large full service financial institution seeking to be a global leader in sustainable and responsible investment.

For Fund Managers

Services include integration of ESG into product strategy and portfolio management, integration of ESG into security-level fundamental analysis and issue-specific process/product integration (e.g. decarbonisation).

For Asset Owners

Services provided include responsible investment frameworks, ESG investment policies, stewardship strategies, manager ESG integration, and reputation risk management. For super funds, we can advise on member communications, response to APRA’s climate risk questions, and run educational workshops for trustees.