We engage differently. We don’t do dialogue. We do engagement with impact.

Regnan conducts engagement and advocacy on behalf of clients to drive improved ESG performance in listed companies, with the potential for this to amplify good practice more broadly across corporate Australia. 

We have a voice with scale, our messaging is consistent, and our conversations are supported by rigorous research. We take a collaborative and constructive approach as we believe we – companies and investors alike – are all part of the same financial ecosystem.

While the focus of our core program is on S&P/ASX200 listed companies, we are able to undertake or support bespoke engagements in other jurisdictions or with smaller companies.


Since 2001 Regnan has drawn on research and strong corporate relationships to influence change. We focus on those issues with the potential to impact value over the long term, via constructive private dialogue. These issues are identified using Regnan’s in-house research which determines the most material issues on a stock by stock basis. Where these issues are systemic across an industry, or across the index, we will undertake thematic engagement. This has included topics such as climate risks, unconventional oil and gas, and conduct culture.

Engagement plans are provided to clients for comment before discussions with a company commence. Regnan may also seek to increase awareness of issues via the media, participation in public policy discussions and the development of public position papers.

Clients are provided with regular progress reports, case studies and materials to assist in member enquiries as well as responses to stewardship initiatives, including the PRI. Success is determined only where there is robust evidence of the changes sought, such as public reporting.


Regnan engagement helps clients:

  • Protect their reputation and brand.
  • Protect and enhance value by focusing on those issues most likely to impact client portfolios.
  • Demonstrate real commitment to active ownership and modern stewardship. 
  • Demonstrate progress to member and other interest groups via case studies and other communication showing how underlying risks (and opportunities) have been addressed.
  • Undertake engagement in a cost effective manner, provided by a highly experienced team.
  • Maximise their impact by engaging with influential stocks to establish new benchmarks for accepted practice. 
  • Access and influence (constructively) senior decision makers across the S&P/ASX200.

Find out more → About the proprietary research used to identify the most effective opportunities for our engagement.