Regnan is wholly owned by Pendal Group


Pendal Group assumed full ownership of Regnan in February 2019, after being a founding co-owner and client. Regnan continues to operate as a leading ESG service provider. As an independent business unit of Pendal, while Regnan utilises administrative and operational support from Pendal, it continues to serve its clients and produce content independently.


Pendal’s Governance Framework for Regnan sets out all the key aspects for Regnan to operate as a wholly-owned entity of Pendal, on a basis equivalent operationally to a business unit of Pendal. These matters include reporting lines and authorities for senior Regnan staff, and the mechanisms by which Pendal exercises governance oversight of Regnan, for example, to ensure adherence to Pendal policies.

A further central role of the Governance Framework for Regnan is to outline procedural and cultural elements to support Regnan client deliverables and services remaining independent:

  • Pendal’s culture is supportive of independence of thought, as evidenced by its multi boutique structure where portfolio managers under the Pendal brand enjoy autonomy and have the ability to express their own views and analysis (i.e. there is no ‘house’ view). This model will apply to Regnan, where staff will continue to exercise objective judgement.

  • Research produced and engagement undertaken by the Regnan team will be the sole work of the well-established Regnan processes that have been in place since its inception.

  • Regnan will continue to access a diverse range of information sources to undertake its work, which may include insights from Pendal, solely at Regnan’s discretion.