Media Appearances

Highlights from Regnan's recent appearances in print, television and radio.


7 March 2018

Regnan's CEO argues that climate change risk is no longer a fringe issue, and is now seen as a key factor in the ongoing health and success of a company.

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Australian Financial Review, 'ASIC's culture crackdown puts boards on high alert'

11 January 2018

Preliminary results of backtesting of Regnan's research showing the link between conduct and share price were featured in an article on ASIC's current focus on corporate culture. 

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Australian Financial Review, 'Directors should avoid being swayed by populist issues'

2 January 2018

Company directors, argues Regnan CEO Pauline Vamos, must resist the temptation to respond to flavour-of-the-month agendas and focus on long term trends that create or protect shareholder value.

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Superfunds Magazine, 'Responsible Investment: Seeing the full picture'

November 2017

Regnan's Susheela Peres da Costa shares insights on how to navigate the complex landscape of various - and sometimes overlapping - approaches to responsible investment.

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Company Director Magazine, 'Integrated Reporting: The Whole Picture'

October 2017

Regnan is quoted in a piece on the rise of integrated reporting in Australia, driven largely by investors seeking greater clarity on a company's strategic focus and long term value drivers.

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Australian Financial Review, 'Human capital: Pressure mounts for disclosure of non-financial information'

1 October 2017

Regnan's CEO Pauline Vamos discusses reporting on non-financial information, including via integrated reporting.

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Inside HR, 'How should companies report their human capital strategy?'

21 September 2017

Regnan's CEO Pauline Vamos is interviewed on the importance of improving corporate disclosures around human capital strategy.

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top1000funds, 'Improve human capital disclosure'

11 September 2017

Regnan's Head of Research Doug Holmes writes that, for asset owners, improved human capital disclosure should promote efficient capital allocation that maximises value through this time of technological disruption.

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Investment Magazine, 'Super funds can lead the way on climate risk disclosure'

16 August 2017

Regnan contends that super funds are well positioned to lead the way on climate-related risk disclosures.

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The Australian, 'CBA’s handling of Austrac crisis sets cultural norms'

16 August 2017

Regnan CEO Pauline Vamos asks whether the Commonwealth Bank's handling of the Austrac scandal sets the right precedent.

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ABC News, 'Commonwealth Bank could face lost decade of profit growth: analyst'

7 August 2017

Regnan's Susheela Peres da Costa provides background on investors' expectations regarding corporate governance practice.

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Australian Financial Review, 'Was the Samarco disaster a failure of governance from BHP Billiton?'

7 September 2016

Regnan's Head of Policy Alison George discusses governance issues surrounding the Samarco tailings dam collapse.

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