Regnan was established by institutional investors for institutional investors.



A financial system that genuinely serves society.


To contribute to sustainable value in investments and a robust financial ecosystem, through best practice stewardship.

The world is rapidly progressing to a notion of shared responsibility as a prerequisite for a sustainable financial ecosystem. This collective call-to-action is driving unprecedented collaborations between public and private entities, between corporations and capital providers and between businesses and consumers. We view effective management of the impact our actions and decisions can have on society and the environment as fundamental to our continued ability to deliver sustainable value to our clients, employees and our shareholders. As a fiduciary and a corporate citizen we have both a duty and an interest in managing this influence.
— Emilio Gonzalez, Group CEO, Pendal

The direct, but also the indirect consequences of corporate activities, manifest in internalised costs or benefits, over time. Insight into a company’s potential, long-term franchise value therefore comes from its board’s capacity to articulate their strategies, including consideration of intellectual property, security versus efficiency in technology, social licence and environmental footprint. Long-horizon investors, proactively engaged, have the potential to be valuable partners in supporting the agile implementation of these strategies.
— Alison Tarditi, CIO, Commonwealth Super Corp

Regnan is wholly owned by Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation and Pendal Group (formerly BT Investment Management). Both owners are represented on the Regnan board by a nominee director.







Alison Tarditi

Chief Investment Officer, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation



Rajinder Singh 

Portfolio Manager, Pendal