Unconventional oil and gas best practice ESG risk management principles and recommendations 1.0

Regnan recognises the significant investment potential for unconventional oil and gas (UOG), but notes that the rapid growth of the UOG industry has elevated environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks for investors, given unresolved technical, regulatory and stakeholder issues.

This guide (‘our principles and recommendations’) sets out best practice corporate ESG risk management for UOG. These guidelines build on technical guidance on hydraulic fracturing risk management (the IEHN/ICCR Fraccing Guide), which Regnan supported in March 2012, to include learnings from Australian coal seam gas (CSG) operations. Our principles and recommendations are based on Regnan’s analysis of current research, investor initiatives both in Australia and overseas, and dialogue with companies involved in UOG activities in Australia. These companies also provided input on a draft of these guidelines published in May 2013.

The revised principles and recommendations were published in November 2015.

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Please click here to download Regnan's 2013 draft principles and recommendations. Please click here to download Regnan's 2013 unconventional gas principles and recommendation explanatory document.